Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Birthday Outing!

Whats up everyone!  I met up with my friends last Friday to celebrate my birthday which is coincidentally today!  We went on top of the US Bank Tower on the observation deck which was super cool.  This is one of the tallest buildings around at 1,018 feet!

This is one of the elevators we took up.

Yup, 70th Floor.  71st Floor is the restaurant with overpriced food.

This is facing West.  
You are actually outside behind Plexiglas.  So that explains the reflections.

I think this is one of my best photos.  The Aon building is actually 69 floors and 860 feet tall.

I found a crack where I can stick out my phone to take this picture.  You can see the new tall building the Wilshire Grand.  It is currently under construction and should be opening 2017.  

That's the US Bank Tower Sign.  You can see the restaurant just below the sign.

This is facing East.  
The building with the blue top is 2 California Plaza.  
  That cleared out area behind that is Union Station.  Pretty damn big.

This one is facing North.  You can see the Disney Concert Hall.

After that we went to K-Tower and WTF the Lakers were kicking ass!!

At this point, we binged with some KBBQ and wrapped up the evening with donuts!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

California DMV Pep Talk

Hey everyone!  This post, is going to be different.  Actually, this is a first for me.  I typically average a speeding ticket every other year.  The past couple of years, the Golden State has had several budget shortfalls and it seems that the Police have been working hard to compensate.  Last year I got a speeding ticket on the way to Las Vegas.  It was actually 5 minutes from the border.  Boom.  100Mph citation.  Few months later Boom.  Another speeding ticket.  WTF.  So if I do recall it was summertime and I already have 2 tickets that I cannot go to traffic school.  Then I get a letter in the mail....

WTF.  I feel like this was some pep talk saying that I am better than this shit.  So the, January 2016, my insurance premium doubled to nearly 3k a year.  Wow.  So yea, Fuck You DMV and State Farm.

Boston, Salem and Plymouth!

So we took the train from Penn Station to Boston.  

So they have the the fast train that gets you there in 3 hours and 15 min.  The slow train is like 2x as long.  Halfway through the ride, I remembered that they have apps that show you how fast you were going, and

From what I understand, these trains are the fastest in the US of A.  
I don't think it went over 160MPH.  
This one did have WiFi and lots of places to charge your electronica.  

They do have a bar car in the front of the train.  Lousy vodka selection... but hey...

Lobster Rolls

I actually ate 3 lobster rolls and they were all damn good.  One thing is that these rolls are all over the place but each place has their own way of preparing it and that's what makes it dope.

We wen to Whalburgers.  I thought it was pretty good.

So we went to Salem and wow, they really do embrace the Witch theme.

They have Witch museums!

This is called Stick Work.  

So if you are in Salem, you gotta take the tour!  
And if you are going to take the tour, do it at night!!

This was our tour guide.  He took us around town and explained WTF happened. I forgot his name.  Yea I know.  I should have remembered....

They have a nice memorial for the people that died in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.
At the time there was mass hysteria and they accused 200 people of 
being a witches and 20 people were executed.
Giles was tortured to death by putting weight on him because he didn't admit guilt.

This memorial is for George Burroughs.  He was hung on August 19,  1692


Here's the rock!  It's actually pretty small.  I wish there was something I could have put in the photo to show scale, but they built this gazebo like structure where the middle part is like a well and you look down and see this.

At least its nice and clean with no graffiti.  If this was in L.A.....

Here is the Mayflower II
The ship is more of a replica that doesn't move.  
So people just board, look around and then leave.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Wazzup peoples!  I got more stuff!

We went to my one of my favorite places to go to.... MOMA!

I am down with the Van Gogh because he's the kind of crazy that intrigues me!

Check out the Starry Night!

Olive Trees

The Postman

Melted Butter by Lichtenstein.

Yup, they have cars in the Museum!  This one is  1961 Jaguar E-Type.  
The fastest production at the time.

Monday, August 29, 2016

NYC 2016 Part 1 of

Yes, It's been a while.  I know.  I should have written something, ANYTHING by now, but WTF.  So I am going to ramble a bit more then start out with the BLOG.  So here we go.  Onwards and Upwards!!

So finally I had the opportunity to go to NYC and see how the other half live.  No really, I love going to NYC.  This time, the weather was a bit warm, it sprinkled a bit, but there was no humidity afterwards.  Pretty neat.  We took a redeye from Burbank to NYC and I have to admit that this was the nicest airport experience ever.

OK so we stayed in the Chelsea district.  I love chillin on the High Line park.
There is a part of Chelsea where there is a flower district.  They have plants everywhere on the sidewalks and the street.  This is like the LA flower mart but on crack and with less homeless people (sorry)

Here is the rooftop bar.  Pretty neat with a view of the new Freedom Tower.  

So first up you gotta do in NYC is...EAT!  
One of my favorite spots is Balthazar's
Its a French Bakery and Restaurant!!

I saw this while going to Balthazar's.  It looks like a Jenga building. So yea.. Balthazars....

We went there for lunch and first up with the ceviche.  It had fucking lobster in it.  Goddamn

Next up was the Steak Frites! 

This cow was a happy cow.  These photos were taken a month ago and still make my mouth water!!

So from there, we had to shop!
I saw this on the door and have never seen anything like it.  It's sad that people don't get it and we have to make these kind of laws, but wtf.  

So we are on our way back to the hotel and decided to check out the Nespresso store thinking that they would have good coffee.
Turns out, all they have are shots.  No Lattes, no Cappuccinos, none of that shenanigans. Just sell only those goddamn cups that pollute the environment. Thanks.

Here is a cool pic I took of the Empire State Building.

Picana Lays.  Not bad.  I would say one of the better flavors.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Broad Bro!!

The Broad Bro!
221 Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90012
Check it out on Google Maps

This place is super cool and everyone in the area should check it out.  

Andy Warhol- Self Portrait

Andy Warhol- Most Wanted Man #6

Lichtenstein I'm Sorry, 1965

Lichtenstein- Goldfish Bowl

Lichtenstein- Live Ammo 1962

Hong Kong Stock Exchange 1995.  Nice.

Under the Table by Robert Therrien 
There's a docent under the table telling people not to touch anything.

Keith Haring untitled 1984

Takashi Murakami

Michael Jackson and Bubbles!!

Recycled Art.

Steam Cleaners?