Wednesday, February 3, 2016

DeLorean at Design Con in Pasadena Nov 2015

Yes, I know,  we are in 2016, in February at that, but I just found these pictures on my old phone.  So here we go.

I was driving along off Green Street in Pasadena on a Saturday and noted a DeLorean!  Not just any DeLorean, but a fully restored one like the movie Back to the Future.

Side view

People were crowded around the time machine.

Wires everywhere!

They faithfully reproduced the interior.  Immaculate.

You can see the flux capacitor, not fluxing.

For this car being 30 years old, it still looks futuristic.

235/60 R15 Goodyear Eagle ST.
Apparently the car leaks oil....  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Filming in Downtown?

So I was at my work in Downtown Los Angeles and saw this Mercedes that they used to film high speed chases.  I have seen lots of chase scenes done with this exact kind of AMG Mercedes.

There was actually a Police escort with 2 motorcycles cops.

And then I saw this which really creeped me out. 
I got super close and still couldn't see inside.

How the fuck can they see out of it?
Kind of reminds me of the burkas that Muslims wear.

The car is actually a Hyundai.  
You can see the police at the front of the caravan.

Here is the support vehicle with the film crew.  Note the front passenger.

I see you!

He was not enthusiastic about me taking pictures, and actually yelled at me.

2017 Lexus LC350

I saw a pair of these cars on the 210 freeway.  Usually they have several cars following them with a support team with big antennas.  This one I believe is the Lexus LC Coupe.
Here is the second one.

This is to compete with the 6 Series BMW Coupe..etc.

Very non- descript.

I had to use the selfie mode on my camera for this shot.
Kinda looks like the spindle- Darth Vador grille.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cars and More Cars!!

I went to the LA Auto Show and didn't see too many cars that I liked.  I just got back from another car show and saw SOME cars I liked.  So this post is to combine both and hopefully have something worthy to make a post.

First up is the LA Auto Show.

This is the new 2017 Ford GT

Every angle looks good!  600+ HP

Sorry for the crappy angle.

You should know what this is.

1967- 1968 Mazda Cosmo!  
For the uninitiated, this was one of the first Japanese sports car.  
Today it is super valuable at 1.5m.

Say Hello to the Aston Martin DB10.  Yes, this is the car seen on the latest James Bond movie Spectre.  They actually built the car for the movie and made 10 more for some extremely lucky individuals.

Back side.

1965 Alfa Romeo TZ2  Super rare.

One of the original supercars.  
1988 Countach 5000QV
Horatio Pagani is the designer of this car.  He believed in the material carbon fiber so much that he encouraged Lamborghini to buy a super expensive autoclave but they didn't listen to him.  So he believed in this direction so much that he ended up mortgaging his own house and buying it himself and starting up his own auto company in 1992.  Don't worry, I got some pics of his cars!

You have to open the passenger door to get to the fuel filler.

The fuel filler is in the doorjam.  The interior is crappy.  
Such a striking car has a depressing interior.

So next up was an auto show/ toy drive at the Santa Anita Race Track parking lot.  This was pretty neat.  I saw some neat cars and some crappy ones also.  

This is the 1997 CLK GTR.  

These cars are super rare, only 25 have been built and this is the first one.

Big step to get in.  Ordinary Mercedes dash.  

Super cramped inside.

I can't believe this car is street legal.  The owner is Ben Chan.  He actually drives this car.

Even the car carrier is cool.

This is the Pagani Huayra (Pronounced why-ra).  These cars are super rare.  Only 100 exist.  This one is company owned and is a prototype for development.  The car is made completely from hand out of carbon fiber and does 235 Mph.  

The interior is really funky.  There are some compartments that you get custom luggage matches the seats.  No cupholders!  

Passenger side, closer look.

Mercedes 6.5L Twin Turbo powered!  730 Hp.

Rolls Royce Wraith for sale with some extra tacky options.

Check out the 75k in ugly options.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Accident in Downtown Los Angeles

I saw this accident the other day and found it quite remarkable as to the end result and the fact that no one was really driving that fast.  This area of downtown is really super dense and there is no room to drive quickly.  They actually closed down the street for these people.

Closer picture

Opposite angle.  The people involved are on the right.

Amazing driving right?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mundane Shit

To counteract the astounding car I just posted, I have to post some ordinary shit for normal people.  OK so up first is a daily gripe that I don't know how much of y'all tolerate, but for whatever reason, the mutherfucking CalTrans likes to fucking clean the carpool lanes in the middle of the fucking day.   OFTEN.  Obviously they don't give a fuck about you or me and like Nike, "Just do it".

So in this photo, it was taken Monday, August 24, at exactly 11:07AM on the 210 Freeway.  Yup they caused a traffic jam in the middle of the damn day.  This happens often with no regard for traffic.  I guess it never crossed their mind to do this in the middle of the night and do us all a favor.  Nope.   FUCK YOU CALTRANS.

Yup.  It's Donald Trump.  As a pinata.

Not to far from the Donald pinata, there was a super pimp bum tent with a cook top stove.  Nice.

Amazing Car!

What's up Internet-land!  I sincerely do apologize for not putting up anything for a while.  Yea, I know, shame on me...etc. etc.  I do have something for y'all!  I have never seen this before in real life; only on TV and of course, on the internet.

 Behold the Pagani Huayra!

(pronounced Way-Ra)

These hypercars are super rare.  Only the latest model; the Huayra has been certified for the mighty US of A.  Only 100 of these models exist.  It has a twin-turbo, 6 Liter V-12 developed by AMG Merrcedes making an astounding 730 horsepower and goes 230 MPH.  This one does not have a pain job so you can see the cool carbon fibers.  For your reading pleasure, there are tons more details at Wikipedia.