Monday, February 26, 2018

Maybach at Home Depot!

Hey everyone!  More stuff for you!  Sorry for lack of content.  I have been a bad boy.  First thing up is this expensive (when new) Mercedes Maybach was at the Home Depot.  I would say that this car is the least likely car/ vehicle I would see at the Home Depot.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Danish Museum of Art and Design

I was impressed by this museum and it was evident that they like chairs!

Here's the exterior entrance of the Museum.

This is actually the piano from the movie Barbarella with Jane Fonda


Wood Bike!


Newspaper Chair

Cardboard chair

The Panton Chair

B&O Phone

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobson

Multi Band Radio.

Another fun chair.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tovoli Gardens

Welcome to Tivoli!  This is the second oldest operating theme/amusement park

This park is where the famous Walt Disney ripped off the idea and created Disneyland.

It's only $15 to get in.  They have concerts and events during the day.

They also have a light show as well as fireworks.

Yep, they have a pirate ship.

The rides cost extra.

relaxing rides.

Rosenborg Castle AKA the Royal Castle

Also known as the Royal Castle.

I went there a bit before they opened and there was a line to get in.

Here's a nice clock.

This is Christian V Winter Room

The writing room.

The Knight's Hall, AKA the party room.

Here's the view from upstairs.

Here's the castle from the other side.

This is inside the Royal Gardens.

This bird is chillin.

What I thought was super cool was that people just hung out and picnicked around the castle.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


So first up, I stayed at the Scandic Palace Hotel.

FYI, sunset is at 11pm, sunrise is 4am.  So yea, kinda wierd.

Here's the nice room.  Yes, I did the upgrade.  I am that kind of person

Nice spot for the Jordans.

Here's the view from our balcony.  Not too bad!  It was like 9pm here.

Next up is the boat tour.  There are lots of canals in Copenhagen and even more bridges for bikes and pedesrians!

We started the tour from Nyhavn.  Looks like a postcard.

Those are life jackets in that building.  These people are prepared.

This is their opera house.  Very nice.  Apparently the top roof deck is the size of a football field

Here is their playhouse

Side View of the Opera House.  They do the Red Bull Flutag off the building

Here's a cool multifamily building

In the backround is their trash incenerator which makes energy

Here are a camp of boats that homeless people set up.

This is Paper Island.  They have lots of food stalls and nice place to hang out.  Very cool.

This was on Paper Island.

Circle Bridge.  Setup so you can hang out..

Here is the royal library also called black diamond.